Will exercise improve my mental health?

It seems pretty obvious that the brain and exercise are related. But how? Do you exercise more when you’re in a good mood? Or does exercising put you in the mood?

Time for some science! Lots of research suggests that exercise boosts the levels of serotonin in your brain – which is a chemical made by your nerves and brain cells. And it is a busy little bee! Serotonin is involved in almost every bodily function. It helps you:

·         Stabilise your mood

·         Sleep

·         Digest

·         Heal

Let’s talk about mood specifically. When serotonin levels are where they need to be, you feel happier, calmer and more emotionally stable. When they are too low, that’s when medical professionals believe depression and anxiety set in.

So, it makes total sense that exercising – by boosting serotonin – can make you feel good.

BUT! When our data scientists crunched the numbers of almost 100 Fitbit users, they found that the association between mood and exercise can actually go either way – depending on the person.

For some of our users, a good mood increased the likelihood that they would exercise. For others, the exercise came first and the good mood, second – in line with the research we discussed above. For a third group, both scenarios occurred in equal numbers.

Which way does the relationship go for YOU?

You could take a guess, but with our help, you’d know. And when you have this kind of intel on your body, just imagine what it could do for your health. You’d soon discover when you’re at your best so you can BE your best.

We believe that the path to good health and happiness is built on data. Your data. Because everyone’s health journey is unique. All those numbers on your Fitbit or Apple Watch show us where you are. Science tells us you where you need to be. And HeadUp is the bridge connecting the two: we figure out how to get you there based on what works best for YOU – your body and mind.

Now, who’s in the mood for some squats?

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