Don’t Follow a Fad Diet, Follow your Data

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How do you pick a food or exercise plan that works for you when there are SO MANY OUT THERE? You could try them all and see which one works best. OR you could take the guess work out of it and let your data guide you towards a healthier life.

If you were to follow Freelee the Banana Girl’s diet, you’d be tucking into around 20 bananas a day – sometimes 50. You’d rarely cook your food and you’d wander South American jungles in the nude. If you joined Ashy Bines’ ‘Transformation Centre’ you’d find no less than 10 pieces of equipment dedicated solely to training your booty.

Food Babe goes by the adage that if a third grader can’t pronounce a chemical’s name you definitely should not be eating it. If you stick like velcro to Food Babe’s advice then you’d never get to enjoy any methylxanthine alkaloid 1,3,7-trimethylpurine-2,6-dione. And we would feel sorry for you. Because that chemical is completely harmless in small doses (in fact, many chemicals are). At HeadUp, we refer to it as caffeine though, just because it rolls off the tongue a little more easily.

F45 workouts don’t involve any powerlifting, while scientific literature will tell you that this type of exercise can help women in particular combat the onset of osteoporosis, lose fat, and get stronger. CrossFit includes lots of weightlifting – but has been criticised for the way repetitions have to be squeezed into a certain amount of time.

Our point is, there are SO many different approaches to health and fitness, that it’s difficult to know where to turn. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? It’s likely, actually, that none of them are wrong OR right. (Other than Food Babe’s approach. She’s wrong. Because caffeine is life.)

When I want to get healthier, what do I do?

You’d think that, due to their popularity, each of these programs has been scrutinised from every angle and backed with scientific evidence. But often, what’s happened is, one person has discovered a diet or exercise plan that works for them – and then marketed it aggressively. It MIGHT be research backed, it might not be. But more to the point – just because something is super popular doesn’t make it right for you.

You could try every program on the market until you find ‘the one’. That would be time-consuming and probably expensive. But it’s an option. OR, you could be guided by your own data – and base your actions on personalised advice that is backed by science.

I spy with my AI…

HeadUp’s clever algorithms trawl through your Fitbit or Apple Watch data to analyse your physical health and tell you where you’re smashing it and where you’re stumbling. Then we look at what has helped other HeadUp users just like you – and cross-check our findings with scientific literature – before we give you any recommendations.

The app also has a mood check-in feature that allows you to tell us how you feel. This gives us the ability to start looking at your emotional health – and the way it relates to your physical health. Mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin after all, so we believe that we can’t tell you how you’re really going without looking at both sets of data.

How do we deliver all this info to you?

Two main ways:

1.      We’ll generate ratings for your mind, heart, sleep, weight and activity and display them on your personalised human dashboard, so you know, in real-time, how you’re tracking.

2.      When we discover something that needs your attention – e.g. your sleep is dipping, or your heart rate is going up – we’ll send you a personalised insight to tell you what’s going on and what you can do about it.

No gimmicks. No celebrity influencers. Just us. And you.

We’re just humans who understand how hard it is to find a fitness program that actually helps you change your health for the better. This is exactly why we created HeadUp – to lead people towards a healthier life based on what THEIR digits are saying.

The path to good health is contained in your data – and we’re committed to helping you uncover it.


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