This is why fad diets really don’t work.

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Over the weekend a post went up on our Insiders Facebook page about dropping a dress size in a week. To be clear: we did not write this post. We did, however, delete it. Because it went against everything we stand for.

Drastic changes – the kinds promoted in fad diets and challenges that encourage you to drop an entire dress size in a week – are not sustainable. They give you an unrealistic target to aim for. And what happens when you set an unrealistic target? You drop the ball. It happens all the time.

In 2011, the joint goals of ‘losing weight’ and ‘getting fit’ were named the most commonly broken New Year’s resolution. And around 50% of people who start an exercise program, stop within the first 6 months, even though they KNOW participation must be maintained to obtain any health benefits.

You start a diet. You fall off the wagon. Oh well – start again, right? No harm, no foul!

Not quite. Repeated dieting may actually lead to weight gain. Research suggests that your brain interprets the diets as short famines and this causes your body to store more fat for future ‘shortages’.

Slow weight loss keeps pounds off.

The very best thing you can do when you’re trying to lose weight is to take a steady, controlled approach. Eat slightly less than you normally would. Exercise more. Do these things every day. This will help you reach your goal weight. And here’s the clincher: because the changes are small and sustainable – you’re much more likely to STICK to them and STAY at your goal weight.

But! This approach takes a lonnnnngggg time – it might be weeks before you see a change. Then more weeks until people close to you start to notice anything. And then even MORE weeks on top of all of that for others to comment. Unfortunately, many of us give in before the winning actually gets won.

That’s why we help you monitor and improve the health of your sleep, heart, activity, and mind. Because we understand that as humans, we need to see progress. You may not decrease the size of a single fat cell in the first month, but we’ll show you that your efforts are not wasted. Chances are, your Vo2 max, resting heart rate, step count, mood and sleep efficiency are changing. And improvements in these other areas of your life complement your weight loss journey.

Change your life, not just your dress size.

When you can see all the ways in which you’re progressing, you’re more likely to stay engaged, excited, motivated and on track. By the time you shift your first pound, kilo, inch, or centimetre your new healthy habits and behaviours will be so deeply embedded that you’ll find it much easier to maintain your new lifestyle – and weight.

THAT’S what we’re all about. To help you make changes that STICK. To help you take control of your health. To help you change your life.

The things you have to do to drop a dress size in a week are not sustainable. Sure, you might achieve the goal, but you won’t be able to keep the changes going. You WILL put that weight back on. And then some.

35 of you commented on the now deleted post. That made us sad. Because we don’t want you to follow a fad diet. We know how it ends – science has shown us. Your health will go backwards.

But if you stick with us, we’ll show you a better way.


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