What’s going on?

As humans, we’re very good at lying to ourselves in order to justify our beliefs and behaviours. But believing our own lies can be bad for our health – which is why HeadUp doesn’t let you do it.

HeadUp: health for everyone.

I completed another lap around the sun this month. The world has changed a lot in the last 47 years, we’ve created a world that makes it hard for us to be healthy. If you have time and money – it’s easier. But health should be for everyone – regardless of social status.

4 of Our Favourite Fitbit and Apple Watch Features

Remember those plastic pedometers that came free with a box of cereal? They’d clip onto your top and tick over every time you took a step. Sometimes they’d award you a few extra steps, other times they wouldn’t count them at all – surprise! They weren’t accurate. They weren’t waterproof. And they weren’t sturdy. Thankfully…science. …

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A New Year’s ResolUtion – PART 1

Flying home from Sydney last week, I found myself listening to the safety announcement made on every airliner in the world. I must have heard it hundreds of times, but I’ve never really taken it in properly. The part I happened to tune in to was:

Heart attacks at Christmas

What do you get when you put Uncle Baz, Aunt Meryl, several cousins, 70kg of prawns, a double-decker Pav, and a heated political discussion in the same room? Christmas. And according to some studies – an increased risk of a heart attack.